I grew up on a small farm in Surrey, BC, about 40 Km east of Vancouver. I learned early that hard work meant getting your hands dirty and soap and water took care of that anyway.

I went to Simon Fraser University in Burnaby BC where I earned a degree in biology and then on to UBC in Vancouver where I earned a degree in education. I taught high school math and science for a couple of years. 

My chiropractic studies were done in Portland, Oregon. It was a great mix of academic studies and practical, hands on learning. I earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in March 1996. 

My greatest satisfaction in practice is hearing people tell me what they can now do instead of what they can't. Things like going golfing, playing catch with their grandchildren, enjoying the outdoors or simply looking forward to getting up in the morning. Improving quality of life for a lifetime is truly what being healthy is all about.

My wife Nathalie and I welcomed our son Nicolas in January 2006 and our daughter Melina in September 2008. Watching them grow, develop and become their own person is a joy of a lifetime I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Practicing to me is about helping people, not simply treating conditions. Most I see have struggled with a chronic condition for a long time. Most answers and explanations didn't make sense, so they kept looking.

My practice is now totally focused on laser therapy. I'm very intrigued by the technology and the benefits it can offer. The coming years will be very exciting as we see further development of research and application of laser. 

Laser is much more effective than traditional chiropractic in many ways. The intention is to resolve the problem & give the patient tools to prevent the same thing from happening again.

Efficiency of care to me means helping someone in the shortest period of time with the least amount of impact on their time and money. It also means if I can’t help you, it’s my job to direct you towards who can.

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